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Your Wellness Marketing is Broken! (But, here’s how to fix it.)

Are you feeling like you’ve literally tried everything to get your Health & Wellness business out in front of your target audience, yet somehow your marketing efforts just don’t seem to be getting the desired results? (umm, like oodles of clients?!)

You’re still not driving enough traffic to your website, or getting people to subscribe to opt-in to your list, and you’re certainly not landing your dream clients. Frustrating to say the least.

Well, I’ve certainly been in this predicament myself, so I reached out to marketing expert, Lana Maric-Beach at Introspec Marketing to help narrow down why certain tactics just don’t work – and which ones actually do!

The Top 4 Signs That Your Wellness Business Marketing Is Broken!

  • You run a Facebook ad and your conversions are very low.
    If you’re not getting targeted leads to opt-in when they click on your ad, there’s a kink in the system!
  • Too many services leave you unprepared.
    Your website visitors are likely overwhelmed by all of the choices, diluting your “unique value proposition” and they don’t stick around. In other words, you need to be abundantly clear about how you solve your client’s problems and what sets you apart from the competition.
  • You struggle to get clients or only get clients who do not meet your market criteria.
    You struggle with consistency, quality leads are not the norm, and each month is unpredictable.
  • You have not identified your core opportunity & target market psychographics
    Psycho what?!

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The Online Marketing Strategies That Will Actually Work For Your Wellness Business

Forget “throwing shit at the wall and see what sticks” marketing tactics…try these instead.

(From someone who’s tried the former approach, trust me — these strategies are much more effective!)


Lana likes to ask clients these questions:

What makes you different?

A unique selling proposition is a simple statement that explains the benefit you provide to your target market and how you do it differently.

WHY should you be noticed? WHO should notice you?

Think of a unique selling proposition as a pledge you are making to your customers/clients. Can you identify an unmet need in your wellness space? Once you do, create your unique selling proposition, and ensure it becomes your core sales message.

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2 | PERFECT YOUR CLIENT PERSONA PROFILE (aka, your ideal client avatar)

Have you researched your market and identified your ideal customer or client?

(Your ideal customer/client is the person who is most likely to purchase from you.)

Here are some examples of components you should look into when identifying your target market:

  • What problems do you solve? What is your differentiation strategy? What does your ideal client value?
  • Geographics: location
  • Demographics: age (generation), gender, family, income, education, occupation, industries, etc.
  • Psychographics: values, interests, activities, behavior, lifestyle, attitudes, etc. For example, you may look into what drives your clients to make a decision or where they obtain their information online.

I recommend creating customer/client persona profiles because they will help you understand the type of content you should be producing, delivery strategies you should be employing, online and offline channels that matter the most, and critical consumption patterns.


Once you understand your core value proposition and the psychographics of your target audience, spend some time creating a valuable opt-in freebie.


This refers to creating a high-quality experience for your prospective clients across all of your distribution channels, including your website, landing pages, social media platforms, and through your email communications.

Also, your brand elements should be easily identifiable in order to increase brand awareness.

Consistency is key!

“Marketing is part art, part science. A lot of it has to do with trial and error. But you can mitigate mistakes by taking simple steps to plan your marketing messages.

By figuring out different communication angles, you can better target different consumer groups based on their unique purchasing motives.

The key is to understand who you’re appealing to and align your points of contact with those customer/client types.  This way, you’re strategically crafting your marketing efforts knowing the purchasing motives behind your potential customers.”

~ Danielle & Sheree, Social Media Experts, Healthinomics

Why Your Wellness Marketing is Broken | Introspec Marketing | Krista Goncalves Co.About Lana Maric-Beach:

Introspec Marketing was founded with the belief that all good marketing starts from within.

They offer value-driven marketing services to companies that help consumers make conscious decisions to improve the overall state of health and livelihood.

Specifically, they work with companies that focus on the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, occupational, and environmental well-being of society.

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