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Why ‘Start Here’ is the new ‘About Me’ page

Here’s something you may not know about your website:

Your ‘About’ page (or About Me/Us) is the first place your ideal target client, aka “dream client” is going to go drop in on to see if you’re a match for them with your services and products.

Yep, forget about your pretty homepage with that newly designed logo and carefully crafted copy!

What they really want to know is…who are you, what EXACTLY do you do, and most importantly, what can you do for them if they start following you?

The key to writing a compelling 'About' page is to actually make it about THEM - your readers and potential clients. Click To Tweet

It really does beg the question, “why the eff are we calling it About ME then?!”

That’s why I’m of the opinion (and you’re going to be as well, by the end of this article), that ‘Start Here’ is the new ‘About Me’.

Wellness Marketing Strategist, Amy Lippmann of Marketing For Health Coaches says,

“I love the Start Here page because it’s so simple and obvious. If you landed on a website and it said START HERE, wouldn’t you feel guided and compelled to click on it?”

It really does kind of smack you over the head with its explicitness, doesn’t it?

So why isn’t everyone using it?!

Well, they will now…

Ready, set, start! Here!

Here are all the elements that your new, refreshed Start Here page should have:

✓ your picture/headshot – something recent and jives with the branding of your website and socials accounts. Remember consistency!

✓ addresses THEIR pain points, i.e. what are your readers struggling with?

✓ covers exactly how your business (YOU) can help them, i.e. how do you have the solution to their problem(s)?

✓ a brief bio, but not your life story! That can be another page or blog post, and you should write “your story”.

✓ include your credentials, but it shouldn’t look like a resume

✓ testimonial and/or “social proof”

✓ CTA – call to action, i.e. what do you want them to do from this page?

I also talk a lot about how important branding is and how YOU are your brand, so this is the perfect place to have people truly connect with the face behind the brand.

Start Here page copy flow (that I use on my own page)

Brief, friendly intro –>

[attention-getting heading] –>

Address pain points right away –>

[new section/transition] –>

Here’s how I/my business can help you –>

[new section/transition] –>

Here’s my own personal experience/how I can relate to your pain points & what you’re going through –>

[CTA: call-to-action] –> Compel the reader to TAKE ACTION

Ok, you’ve got the down-low on the Start Here page, but are you simply just slapping a new title on the About page to draw more attention to it? YES — but with an added twist.

The big difference between the Start Here page and the typical About Me page

You literally want your readers – who are your potential clients, to go to that page first before they do anything else on your website.

This is where an About page can get lost in the shuffle of your other web content. It may not be prominently displayed and when spotted, can give the reader the perception of “oohh, oohh, look at ME! *waves hand* Let me tell you all about ME!”

The Start Here page, on the other hand, is an explicit “direction” page, and not just your bio listing all of your amazing credentials – which you should, but that’s not the focus.

However, the biggest difference between the typical About page and the new ‘n fresh Start Here page is that you’re directing them to take action right on that page.

It’s the perfect opportunity to link to your lead magnet, gain subscribers, and convert them into paying clients & customers. BOOM!

Bonus attraction on the Start Here page


If you add a short intro video to your page, this gives the reader a “taste” of what you’re all about, and you’ll create a more memorable first impression. Then, you’re more likely to gain loyal, dedicated followers right out of the gate who will engage and interact with your business and your brand.

Now it’s YOUR turn…let’s get you started on YOUR fabulous new Start Here page!