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Building A Wellness Business… When You Have No Time!

Whether you’re working full time at building your wellness business or it’s currently only your “side hustle”, one truth remains constant: it’s a shitload of time, energy, and resources to start it, build it, and keep it goin’ & growin’.

This is coming from someone who’s been running their own business for over 14 years! Yep, I’ve built 4 separate businesses in the last decade, and only the current one has been 100% online – which has been eye-opening, to say the least.

That said, I thought I would take the opportunity to answer a question that comes up daily in my own world, but also in so many of yours – the health coaches, nutrition professionals, fitness trainers, naturopaths, and other wellness entrepreneurs that I’m so lucky to get to connect with and work with on a regular basis.

Here’s a question from a member of a Facebook community group for health experts:

“Anyone else working full time, trying to keep fit, studying, coaching, running a home – basically ALL THE THINGS – all while trying to grow their business?

I’m struggling to get my head around it all at times. I’m loving the journey but there just never seems to be enough time to make significant headway. Any tips on how to have the biggest impact even when time is a major issue?”

I’m going to tackle this one head-on (as in – been there, done that) by offering you some actionable tips so you can continue building the wellness business of your dreams, make the kind of impact that you want, but not fry yourself – physically, mentally and emotionally – in the process.

Mastering time management to build a better business – and keep it going!

The key to building your online wellness business – minus the burnout, is to be highly focused, use priority lists, and trade-off a number of things you may not want to.

(Sorry, but you can’t – and shouldn’t – DO. IT. ALL.)

You also have to take into consideration the length of time certain necessary business tasks will take, then create a budget for your time!

Here are some examples of time budgeting:

  • Developing a business logo or other branding elements (3 hours/week)
  • Website development and maintenance (3 hours/week)
  • Writing blog posts and other content creation like social media posts (4-8 hours/week) — and yes, you do need a blog for your business!
  • Content creation and posting on social media (2-4 hours/week)
  • Developing your signature coaching program (3-10 hours/week)
  • Scheduling and meeting with clients, virtually or otherwise (5-15 hours/week)
  • Customizing client health & nutrition plans (endless hours/week)
  • Emails, follow-up, and other administrative tasks (2-4 hours/week)
  • Balancing your books/accounting (2 hours/week)

And the list goes on, and on, and is different for each person’s unique business model.

PRO TIP #1: Make a business time budget of what you can realistically dedicate to working on your business. Honour the budget! To value your time is to value yourself. Click To Tweet

Once you’ve completed your business time budget sheet, put each in priority order – and now you’ve got a list ranking your business’s tasks from “most essential” to the ones you have less interest in or less expertise or knowledge in.

In other words, the ones that you find painfully boring or tedious to do, so you never end up doing them! These are the tasks that you should delegate or outsource to a professional.

That’s why it’s important to allocate some of your business’s financial budget to other services such as web design, graphic design, accounting, and copywriting (*wink, wink*).

As health professionals, we don’t often find ourselves having the ability to take off our healer or coaching hats in order to start a side hustle as a graphic web designer or to suddenly develop mad technical skills!

Understanding that you don’t have to be a #OneWomanShow (and do it ALL on your own) will help free up valuable time to focus on the business tasks that only you can do.

PRO TIP #2: If you’re still working another job – you may have to start cutting back your hours. Could you cut out the overtime? Job sharing, drop to part-time, one less project per month? Attend less work social functions, i.e. fewer beers after work?

Consider saying NO more often than YES. Don’t be consumed by the disease to please!

Time management for Wellness Businesses | Oprah quote | Krista Goncalves

PRO TIP #3: Weekends may have to be dedicated, even partly, to working on your business.

Yes, this may cut into some family time, hobby time, or other recreation time, but ask yourself: what does your business mean to you? Is it really your endgame…your everything?

True story: I made a No-plan B Commitment about 6 years ago after enrolling in the Wellness Business Academy.

This meant that I was going to follow-through on my latest business idea or nothing. There simply was no other choice because it truly meant that much to me.

Did I get wildly supported and applauded by family and friends for my decision? Nope. Because there was a lack of understanding of what I was actually trying to accomplish and it wasn’t a “real job” in many people’s eyes.

Read a bit of my experience HERE in “How I Got Over The Fear Of Telling People What I Do”

Was it the best decision that I ever made? You bet! I’m 100% my own boss, work is always on my own terms, and I work from home so I’m always home when my kids get off the school bus.

And most importantly… I feel deeply satisfied and rewarded by the work that I do and the results that I help my clients accomplish in their own businesses.

PRO TIP #4: TV, Netflix, and other mindless activities (e.g. social channel surfing, playing games on your phone)… yep, you know what I’m going to say.

Rather than binge-watching yet another series, put in those extra hours working on your biz.

PRO TIP #5: To carve out more time for building your wellness business, focus ONLY on the money-making activities (MMA's), and set aside the rest! Click To Tweet

You read, you learn, you sign up for webinars, you make lists, you make more lists. Well, all of that may seem like you’re getting somewhere in your business, but it’s really just “busy work” and not lead-generating work.

You may be thinking you’re busy working at your business, but in actuality, you’re not spending your time on the right things that are going to ultimately bring in income.

I’m talking about getting qualified LEADS… which is the fundamental requirement for any business to grow.

So, don’t just be “busy”, be productive, efficient and make money while you’re at it! It all comes down to TAKING ACTION and implementing all of your fabulous ideas – ones that move that business needle forward.

That means stop fiddling with the colors and fonts on your website and engage in the activities (the MMA’s) that get you the leads.

FYI – “money-making activities” are things like:

  • connecting with people
  • following-up with those people
  • creating freebie offers/lead magnets to build your list
  • emailing/nurturing your list
  • market research

PRO TIP #6: Collaborate with other industry professionals who have a similar audience to you, but who may be in a slightly different niche or who focuses on a different aspect of the same field as you.Wellness business time management | Collaboration over competition | Krista Goncalves

Do not make the mistake that I did for years… fearing that I would be stepping on someone else’s toes, or that someone was going to steal my ideas!

(Which, at one point they did… but that’s another story. LOL.)


Here are some examples that I gave in the article: “Working Full Time, But Not Making Full Time Dollars?”

  • Why not host a webinar together to promote one or both of your programs with each of you receiving the benefit of tapping into one another’s email lists, as well as growing those lists respectively?
  • Another idea is to be an affiliate for someone else’s program or service and they could be an affiliate for your stuff. If you’re offering different products, but ones that would benefit your respective audiences, then it’s a win-win.

PRO TIP #7: Use the Pomodoro Technique for breaking up your work time into manageable chunks, 25-minute increments for example. Then take a short break and get back to another highly-focused but a short amount of time.

This is perfect for those of you who are easily afflicted with Shiny Object Syndrome 🙂 *waves hand*

There are plenty of different productivity apps out there that use a similar “schedule hacking” method. Find the one that works for you!

PRO TIP #8: Get some serious shit done with an editorial calendar! (I literally couldn’t function in my business without my lists and spreadsheets!!)

For example, at the start of each day – or better yet, the night before, I write down the 3-4 most important things (MIT’s) that I have to do the next day. I do those first.

Time Management for Wellness Business | Krista Goncalves

I’ll admit that waking up early (really early) helps to facilitate this! That way, if I get nothing else accomplished besides my MIT’s, then I’ve probably still had a fairly productive day. Unless it’s a Monday, of course, and then it’s a write-off right out of the gate. LOL.

So, there you have it Health Pros… 8 actionable tips to carve out more time (way more time!) in your week to dedicate to building your biz.

Ok, ok, you want ONE more tip for time management in your Health & Wellness Business?

Finding a mentor or Business Coach to work with may be the key to keeping you focused, on track, and being as productive as possible with the limited time that you’ve got.

Accountability is never a bad thing!