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Just added to {PREMIUM} in April

  • Just added to the {premium content} Google drive:
    • New video & audio blogs & tutorials
    • New DFY content: Health Action Plan [HAP] coaching template

Added in March

Blog posts:

  • The “Brand Yourself” blog series continues…
    • #4: Do You Have a Unique Brand Voice? (Yes you do. Here’s how to use it.)
  • Web Content Theft: What to do when someone steals your stuff!

New Monthly Extras:

  • A freshly batched expert resource round-up from my biz BFF’s! (Past months’ archives available)

Added in February

Blog posts:

  • The “Brand Yourself” blog series continues…
    • #2: How to Craft Your Personal Brand Statement
    • #3: How to Write Your Personal Brand Story {Audio Version included}


Ready to finally get that website up and running? Ready to brand yourself? Just starting to work with a web or graphic designer?

  • Designer support form {Fillable PDF}

Monthly Extras

Added in January

Blog posts:

  • 21 Way To Power Up Your Health & Wellness Business in 2021
  • The “Brand Yourself” blog series starts!
    • #1: The 5 Signs That You Need to Rebrand

Done-for-you Content:

  • Upgraded Food Choices List & Shopping Tips — use this DFY resource however you like
    • Yo’ members! Premium “done-for-you” content is being dropped in THE WELL… because you asked for it = proof that your feedback makes a difference!
    • Be sure to get the low-down on using DFY content in your wellness business the ‘right’ way HERE (accessible to Premium members)

Monthly Extras

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