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Why Making Lemonade?

You may be wondering what Making Lemonade is all about?! I’ve travelled a long and winding road within the Wellness Industry and hope to share all of my experience, strategies & my juiciest business-building tips with you.

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{Juicy Guest Post} Being a business owner requires writing to attract ideal clients; connecting with them with your words and stories in a way that has them clicking with glee at your links. But not all business owners know how to blog this way. Here’s how to craft a badass blog that people will read, comment on…and share!

The reality is that earning money is a key aspect in running a successful business. You simply can’t care for your clients fully and run a sustainable business if you aren’t earning the income you truly desire. Luckily, you don’t have to be a design wizard to convert visitors into buyers on your website. You just have to know a few basics. Keep reading to learn 3 ways to earn more money from your health & wellness website…