Promoting Yourself is so hard! But, get over it already!

Promoting Yourself Is Scary – Here’s How to Get Over It Already!

You’ve finished school, you’ve got the certification(s), you’re blogging like a mad woman to produce good quality, relevant content for your target audience, and you’re even bringing in a few paying health coaching clients.

But it’s not enough, business isn’t booming yet (and you’re still hanging on that your other job!) – and you know exactly why. Because you’re simply not putting yourself out there enough.

You just can’t seem to tap into that sweet spot of digital marketing (and unapologetic self-promotion) – whether you have a physical/local health & wellness consulting practice OR you’re based 100% in the online coaching space.

This begs the question…

Why is promoting yourself so damn hard?

The answer is quite simple: BECAUSE IT’S FUCKIN’ SCARY, THAT’S WHY!!

And why can the very thought of self-promotion induce phobia-level fear in certain people?

Because deep down you don’t truly believe that the work you do provides value to those you’re offering it to.

And if you don’t believe it, THEY don’t believe it – and there’s no trust building happening.

Also, please do not fool yourself into thinking that your fear is based solely in “what will people think of me”.

It’s almost always coming from a place of “what if people don’t see value in what I’m offering”.

This is intimately connected to Imposter Syndrome or feeling like a fraud in your business as well as the dual fears of both failure AND success.

Promoting Yourself is Scary - Get Over It Already!


I know it seems weird — but how many times have you asked yourself these questions:

  • What if I fail? What if my business never goes anywhere?
  • What if I don’t have a steady stream of clients and income-generating work?
  • But, what if I succeed? Eek! Then what?!

“To promote yourself is to take a risk, putting yourself out there for others to judge.”
~ Very Well Mind

With all of these combined fears, it’s easy to find yourself immobile and feeling stuck in your business (and sometimes in life), unable to make even the smallest of decisions – and then having to stick by them, with confidence. Ugh.

Understandably you just breathed a sigh of relief now that I’ve blurted that all out, we can move on to what to do with these very natural feelings, and more importantly — how to get over them already!!

Why is promoting yourself so damn hard? Because it's fuckin' scary, that's why. Now just get over it already! ~ Krista Goncalves, Making Lemonade Click To Tweet

While self-promotion is crucial to attracting clients and ultimately, selling your services, and programs. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly become comfortable doing it and jump onto the scene like an overnight celebrity.

How to Get Over Feeling Like a Fraud and Embrace Self-Promotion!

1/ Know your target audience inside and out

If you don’t, that right there could be the lion’s share of your current self-promotion fears in your business.

You see, until I got crystal clear on WHO my ideal client was (= YOU: a badass boss lady running an even more badass online health & wellness business), my transition from Nutrition Consultant to Brand Strategist + Copywriter wasn’t as smooth as it may have seemed 😉

Knowing precisely WHO your target audience is everything for your business, especially if you blog for your business – which you should be doing!

You need to have researched WHO, be certain about WHO, and then remind yourself often of WHO -- your target audience is. Once you zero in on them...everything else will start falling into place. Click To Tweet

When you’ve zeroed in on who they are, then you can not only create high quality, relevant content that you know they need and want, but you’ll feel much more confident in promoting your content and putting yourself out there.

2/ Find people who just “get it”

They may be few and far between, but immerse yourself in groups and communities of other health & wellness entrepreneurs who’ve been where you are, who ARE where you are and who just “get” where you are.

It may also be helpful to consider having a business coach or mentor in your particular industry – someone who’s been in your shoes and can not only guide you in “next steps” for your specific business but can help you filter out some of the noise that invariably makes its way into your business-sphere.

Plus, accountability is such a beautiful thing!

3/ Use daily affirmations

Write them on sticky notes and place somewhere prominent so you’re reminded:

– I have something of real value to offer that my people want and need.

– I am skilled, knowledgeable and have unique talents & strengths – that others will recognize and value.

– I am no better or worse than the people that I need to impress with my offerings. We are both just regular humans.

Very Well Mind blog says, “Read or recite your affirmations at least once a day, preferably more. Looking at yourself in the mirror can help the affirmation sink in. The goal is to replace your negative self-talk with positive messages and repeat those messages until you genuinely believe them.”

4/ Get over yourself!

Most people won’t care about what you care about and are focusing on as much as you’re imagining they will! (sorry, harsh!)

Here’s the truth about it – even if they don’t like your latest blog article, a particular social post, or even one of your offerings, they won’t be ruminating on it – like you probably will be.

Unless your offensive language, quirky behavior or weird sense of humour (*waves vigorously*) happens to get them all fired up, then they’re simply going to move on and forget that they didn’t like your…whatever it was.

5/ Shift your mindset – from Promotion to Expression

I’m all about mindset work these days (both personally and professionally), and I came across this rather unique way of dealing with the fear of self-promotion, from

“Whenever I’m struggling with self-promotion, the one thing that I need to remind myself of right away is to stop focusing on promotion. Instead of being fixated on promotion, I need to shift my mindset to expression. When you look at things through the lens of self-expression, you won’t be as intimidated.

After all, self-promotion that others can connect well with stems from someone who knows how to express themselves in a relatable way. Find what’s comfortable for you when expressing yourself and go from there.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed these 5 tips for getting over the fear of promoting yourself – but they’ll only work for you if you TAKE ACTION 😉

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