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21 Ways To Power Up Your Online Health & Wellness Business in 2021

I believe that this coming year is one in which we must think outside the box… WAY out of the box!!

21 Ways to Power Up Your Health & Wellness Business in 2021 | Krista Goncalves Co.

If you’re new to the health & wellness business game, and especially if you’re new to the online business arena, be sure to ask yourself some key questions:

  • Can your proposed business be done entirely online – in a 100% digital capacity? Can your existing (clinical/offline) business switch to an online platform?
  • Do you want to work with clients 1:1 or in groups, or not do any client consulting/service work? (FYI: one to one client work isn’t always how you MUST start a health business!)
  • Do you want to teach classes & workshops, or write books, create courses, or other digital products?
  • Do you want to create physical products?

Knowing YOUR interests is the first step to choosing the best health, nutrition & wellness business for YOU to start – or for you to continue growing. With so many of us now working from home, well, an online business may be the ONLY way to go.

But, ultimately, it will also be about what your target audience (your people!) need from you — and finding that point of marriage between interest + need is your sweet spot.

With that all said, here… we… gooooo!!

21 Ways to Up-level Your Health & Wellness Business This Year

Whether you’re just getting started this year with a new health & wellness business, or you’re already well underway and ready to grow, grow, grow this year in your business…

SWEET TALK YOUR TRIBE (but get to know them first)

1/ Niche, baby, niche.

But, why should you niche down?

Katrina Pace, Words For Wellness says:

Choosing a niche is more than just following along with the latest marketing trend.

Here are the main reasons why choosing a niche is a great way to grow your business and help more people …

  • If you know who you’re talking to (your niche), you can connect more clearly and easily with them
  • You’re clear about who you work best with, so you don’t waste precious time, effort, and money chasing after the wrong people (especially if you use paid social media ads)
  • You attract more clients, grow your business, and can help more people because you can communicate directly with problems, dreams, and goals that interest them – it’s as if you’re in their head!

But, HOW do you choose a niche? (There are so many!)

I always say… what could you talk about morning, noon and night – and not get bored of?

The Holistic Nutrition Hub says:

You need to focus on what your passions are, what your skillset is, and what type of client you really want to work with. Think back to school and your training; maybe there was a specific book that really spoke to you or a subject that you excelled at because you found it fascinating.

Finding your passion before you choose your [holistic nutrition] niche in something is what will push you forward, to not only be good but to be the best [an expert] at what you do.

“Your niche and brand will shift over the years. However, clarity comes from taking action.”

– Lori Kennedy, CEO & Founder, The Wellness Business Hub

2/ Create a freebie that your tribe will love and actually needs

This is called a lead magnet, freemium, or an opt-in resource.

Basically, it’s about giving your people what you know they need. Something that solves ONE of their problems. Remember that your audience is constantly asking “what’s in it for me?”

You can show them exactly what’s in it for them with a sweet free resource. It’s like a taste tester for the main course (= your programs, products & services) and they’re going to want to devour it/them.

But first, before creating anything at all – be sure to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I know WHO my people are, exactly? Do I know WHERE my people hang out?
  • What are their PAIN POINTS? What do they struggle with the most?
  • What do they truly NEED to move them out of “pain”? What are the solutions?
  • How can I provide those solutions to them? What do they actually WANT from me?

Here’s WHY you need one, and how to make one – without the frustration!

Guest post for Margo Carroll, Remedy Writing

Anatomy of An Irresistible Lead Magnet

3/ Nurture thy list. (Email your people – and love ’em up)

The key to getting the most out of your email list isn’t about having a big list, it’s about turning those who have graciously given you their email address after opting into your freebie – into trusting followers & fans, and then into devoted, paying clients & customers.

Don’t just get people opting in, then forget about them — nurture ’em and love ’em up! Make them remember WHY they opted-in and why they’re still following you — and why they’re going to buy from you and work with you 😉

“Email is still #1 when it comes to your ability to connect and sell in a way that social media just can’t do.”

– Lori Kennedy

4/ Start a smile file

This is the best! Start compiling a little squirrel’s nest of compliments, testimonials, and “feel-goods” from your clients, community, and associates.

Now sprinkle that sh*t on everything — in your social media posts and throughout your website.

This is known as “social proof” and it becomes yet another way for people to trust you a little more!

Here’s a little love note from one of my first business mentoring clients, and when I’m having a bad day (‘cuz I do have those!), I just look over at the Post It on my desk and feel instantly reinvigorated:

20 ideas for 2020 | Start a smile file


5/ Get social, really social! (but in all the right places)

Not sure if you’re doing it right… this whole ‘social thing’, that is? Or even WHY you’re supposed to be doing it for business in the first place?

Amanda Cook of Wellpreneur explains why social media is so important to a wellness business:

“Wellness is all about community, about spreading health, about lifestyle – and social media fits into this just perfectly. It’s an opportunity to have a fun, informal, useful conversation with your ideal client. It’s not about pitching your products and services. [THIS!]

Social media is about building community and sharing useful information, tips, resources, links as well as answering questions and letting your readers get to know your business.” goes on to say,

“For brands to be successful on social media, they need to offer value to their audience. In other words, no-one is going to pay attention to you on social media if you do nothing but advertise yourself.

Be an ongoing source of timely and relevant information in your area of expertise, regardless of whether you’re the original source.”

The reality is… social media and social media marketing for your business are crucial to your overall content marketing strategy, and it’s here to stay, in some form or another!

But, you don’t need to be everywhere – that would only lead to a serious case of “social media burnout”.

Want to know WHERE you should concentrate your social efforts – for your health & wellness business?

Social Wellness Co. (SWC) weighs in on the top 5 (free) platforms to consider using.

6/ Get your Insta-game on… probably, definitely.

As Jenni Bourque of SWC states,

“Instagram has become one of the most popular apps because, unlike Facebook, you can grow *somewhat* organically.

You can engage through Instagram stories, IGTV videos, and direct messages.

You can create a visually stunning feed with bespoke brand aesthetics, and believe it or not, you can build an authentic and highly engaged community.”

Krista Goncalves Co. on Instagram

Instagram has moved from a place to display your life in pretty, pretty photos – to a place where you can showcase your BRAND and build trust. (After all, as Health Pros, we’re in the business of trust, aren’t we?)

It’s also the place you go to show up and be seen these days… I’m honestly still navigating this one myself!

7/ Start a Facebook Group (or nurture the one you’ve got, instead of closing it!)

“Facebook is dead.”

“Facebook groups on are their way out.”

No so!

Kathleen LeGrys of Health Coach Solutions says,

“Since Facebook groups allow you to reach people on a much more personal level than your Facebook page, having a community where people can come together can be a really powerful relationship-building tool.

Your group gives people the chance to know you and discover who you are and what you’re about which makes the transition from prospect to paying client easier.”

Here’s more about how to market & fill your Facebook Group from Health Coach Solutions.

8/ Do that necessary-evil-social-thing more mindfully… more holistically!

Ok, ok, “holistic” may be a dying marketing buzzword these days, but I’m still pretty smitten with it (having been a Holistic Nutritionist for so many years), and I was quite thrilled to write a whole guest post for my friends at HEALTHINOMICS about this topic!

A More Holistic Social Media Marketing Strategy for Wellness Entrepreneurs


9/ Stop building your own website. Right now!

Most people are not website developers, website designers, or even tech-savvy in the least.

(Including me, although I am always learning!)

So why, oh why, would you want to spend so much time and energy on something that you could outsource and have it done right the first time?!

(Wish I had taken my own advice years ago… 4 websites later! Le sigh.)

I recommend these amazing web designers, specifically for health & wellness professionals:

Alternative DIY Option:

10/ Punch up your web copy

Stale, boring, or poorly written content can certainly work against you, so be sure to take steps to pump up your writing style and subject matter.

The website pros at Twirling Umbrellas say:

“When you’re writing your content, identify topics you want to focus on for your business, then write the most useful, engaging content you possibly can. Once you’ve drafted, read, re-read, and re-drafted the content into something you’re proud of, look at ways to optimize it.

Take care to use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
Proofread, edit, then do it again.”

I personally always read my post out loud before publishing it, as if I was using it as a script at a speaking engagement. This helps to catch awkward phrases and tweak things a bit further.

As I always say, proofread, proofread, proofread… then proofread again. Having some fresh eyes on your copy also helps!

But, please remember that your audience and therefore visitors to your website are going to be asking themselves, “What’s in it for me?”

That should always be your point of reference for DIY’ing your own web copy.

11/ Reconfigure your ‘About Me’ page… into a ‘Start Here’ page

Guess what… it’s not really about YOU.

And why ‘Start Here’? Besides ‘About Me’ being a rather contradictory name for a page that’s not really even you…

‘Start Here’ really does just smack you over the head with direction, doesn’t it?

Try using this page copy flow to begin juicing up your core web page.
(This is what I use on my own Start Here page)

  • Brief, friendly intro –>
  • [attention-getting heading] –>
  • Address pain points right away –>
  • [new section/transition] –>
  • Here’s how I/my business can help you –>
  • [new section/transition] –>
  • Here’s my own personal experience/how I can relate to your pain points & what you’re going through –>
  • [CTA: Call-to-action] –>
  • Compel the reader to TAKE ACTION ->
  • End with a friendly sign-off

12/ DFY your content!

Oh, but wait… you’ve heard me say that you should NEVER use done-for-you products in your health & wellness business!

Any exceptions? Check out all of the pros and cons of using DFY stuff in this revealing, but totally done-for-you vlog post.

The real beauty of purchasing DFY content (only from a reputable, credible source) is that it can be repurposed many times over, and the creator will often give you many ideas about how to do that.

Speaking of such a reputable, credible source… have you checked out Kylie Malcolm’s Content Club for Health Pros? Yep, you should.

13/ DIY your content!

Everyone can write. Truth.

It should also come as no surprise to you that creating a variety of content, some of which will be in the form of the written word, is critical to the very foundation of your business. You just can’t get around that fact.

Think about it – have you ever seen a website with little to no copy on it? Even Instagram has transformed into a micro-blogging platform, and isn’t just a feast for the eyeballs anymore!

While there are some very affordable ways to outsource your business writing and content creation (as mentioned above, for example), you an do it yo’self! I believe in you – from one content creator to another.

Something that holds many people back from creating in the first place, is the fear and frustration that you need to constantly be in “creation mode”.

As I wrote about in this blog post…

First, you have to write a killer piece of content – one that has staying power, as in it’s more or less evergreen.

And my top content writing tip? JUST GET STARTED.

I know that seems overly simplified, but that’s what it really comes down to.

Ditch the perfection, brainstorm all the ideas you possibly can (don’t censor yourself in the brain-dumping phase either!), make a content creation & publishing schedule – and just get started.

Remember to include a prominent and compelling CTA — that’s a call-to-action (preferably linked to an opt-in resource) for your readers — to turn them into subscribers, and then into potential clients, customers or members.

{Learn ‘how to’ write killer content with THIS GUIDE}

14/ Repurpose your content

And that leads me to reiterate what I just said above…

Stop reinventing the wheel every time you go to create new content. Reuse, recycle, repurpose!

Take that ONE juicy blog post and do as many content repurposing ideas as you can with it >> “How to Turn One Blog Post into 20 Pieces of Content”

PUT THAT FRESH FACE FORWARD20 money-making ideas for your wellness biz in 2020 | Krista Goncalves Co.

15/ Livestream… right now

Even if it’s only to your best friend at first – and I promise you, it’s not as terrifying as you think!

Here are some tips on how to get instantly more comfortable putting yourself “out there” and jumping head(shot) first into the spotlight:

  • As Nike says, ‘Just do it’! The more you do it, the better you’ll feel about it. (Fake it ’til you make it, right?) Make videos or photoshoots part of your business routine. Maybe you never grow to love it, but you’ll start taking the fear out of photos!
  • Yes, that is how you sound… Nobody likes their voice on recordings, but think of it this way – everyone else hears your voice the way it sounds recorded, and they don’t seem to mind!
  • Don’t be afraid to be chatty! Pretend the camera lens is your friend, and have a conversation. Try not to be robotic or stiff. Total buzzkill.
  • Watch yourself. I know you REALLY don’t want to but watch every video you make from start to finish. Critique them, figure out what works and what doesn’t, and get comfortable seeing yourself on film.

Here are some more tips for showing up and owning it, both in front of a camera and in general.

16/ Book a live talk… a digital one though, of course.

Amy Lippmann of Marketing for Health Coaches offers some great advice for booking talks and using them to sell.

She says the Number #1 mistake health pro’s make when seeking out speaking engagements is:

“… giving talks on topics that are too general, and while you may be passionate about speaking on these topics, they aren’t specific enough or compelling enough to attract your ideal clients.

The other mistake I see is coaches speaking on specific topics (such as “Superfoods” or “Raw Foods”) without relating the topic to a specific pain point or desire. Most people don’t walk around thinking: I want to learn how to eat raw foods.

While you certainly may get people to attend these talks, you’re not likely to attract the types of people who will want to invest in your programs and services.”

[= your ideal client] And this brings us back full-circle to the top of our list for powering up your health & wellness business this year >> find your niche, dial it in, and BE THE EXPERT.

17/ Be interviewed

In print (written, magazine), podcast, or on video – this means livestreaming or pre-recorded.

It’s the same as seeking out speaking opportunities… get out there and make connections with people in your field. Don’t be shy and never feel that you’re not worthy of sharing your incredible knowledge and passion with others!

Here are a few of mine to inspire you to see the possibilities of how you can become known as a credible authority in your field.

Krista Goncalaves - as featured in the media

HAVE AN EVEN FRESHER BACKEND (of your business, that is!)

18/ Outsource what you don’t love or what you don’t do well

“But Krista, I don’t have the money to pay for services and other professionals to do the work that I *should* be doing… all by myself.”

Find it.

If I had known just how much of my valuable time (and money and tears) I would ultimately waste on things like website design & development, landing pages, and social media – I would have outsourced them right away, even though they didn’t exactly fit in the budget at the time.

Here are the Secrets To Outsourcing… Even On a Tight Budget from the Wellness Business Podcast.

That means you now have permission to stop fiddling with the colours & fonts on your website, outsource all of that, and instead, engage in the money-making activities that will actually generate client and customer leads!


(Btw, you are your brand, whether you like it or not)

19/ Rebrand – or at least a refresh

Good goji, not a rebrand?! Umm, wait, I didn’t even know that I had a brand in the first place?!

Ok, perhaps suggesting a full rebrand is out of the question for most – but ask yourself if you feel like you’re truly “showing up and owning it” in your business… at this very moment?

Are the images, colours, logo, your business name, and tagline you’re using aligned, along with the core message you’re trying to “sell” to your people?

Here’s what I’ve personally been working my way up to… Making Lemonade to Krista Goncalves Co.

Much more on my brand refresh to come!

Making Lemonade with Krista Goncalves | Brand Strategy for Wellness Entrepreneurs Krista Goncalves Co. | Holistic Brand Strategist & Copywriter for Wellness Entrepreneurs

Also, here are the Top 5 Signs That You’re Ready for a Rebrand.

{Available in THE WELL ‘premium’}

20/ Rework your tagline

This is the short, punchy sentence or phrase intended to leave a lasting and impactful impression on your people, giving them a good idea of what you do and how you do it… differently.

An effective tagline offers a snippet of information that’s memorable. If done correctly, it should guide your audience to a bigger picture understanding of your offerings, and leave them curious for more.

Here are my own as examples:

Krista Goncalves Co. — Where juicy brand stories are squeezed!

And even more recently:

Krista Goncalves Co. — Creating connection through story!

And last, but certainly not least, as this one is going to be a game- and bank account- changer for your business, as it was for mine!

21/ Diversify your business with multiple income streams

Add an additional income stream to your health, nutrition, or fitness coaching business.

What I eventually added to nutritional consulting (when I was totally fed up with spinning my wheels financially) was a signature group program (on women’s hormones), workshops (on women’s health), and paid talks – also about women’s health & hormones.

Talk about niching! Then I progressed into writing for other Health Pros… and here we are 🙂

Want even more biz building resources that will really power YOU into a fresh new year?!

One can only hope that 2021 will prove to be a serious upgrade.

Join us in THE WELL {premium}… for free.

The *NEW* Content Library & Upgraded Business Resources for busy Health Pros and action-taking Women Wellness Entrepreneurs