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What Does Brand Visibility Have to Do With Trust?!

{The following article has been adapted as an AUDIO BLOG for your consumption! The full article was originally published as a guest post on the Wendy Neal Design blog.}

Over the time that I’ve built four different health-focused businesses (spanning over 13 years), the common theme was that unless you’re actually putting yourself out there, and being seen…

Then they simply won’t be open and receptive to getting to know you — and if they don’t know you, they won’t readily TRUST YOU.

NO visibility = NO connection = NO trust = NO signups or sales of your health coaching services, programs & products

But, not to worry because I’ve got 10 actionable tips to get much more visible, and achieve a better “face-of-brand” status in your health & wellness business – which doesn’t always mean having to show your face 😉

“Your Personal Brand is how you promote yourself. It is the unique combination of skills, experience, and personality that you want the world to see.

It is the telling of your story, and how it reflects your conduct, behavior, spoken and unspoken words, and attitudes. You use your personal branding to differentiate yourself from other people.”

– Influencer Marketing Hub

So, here we go…

The 10 ways to increase Brand Visibility and gain audience trust

1 | Imagery: Stock photos, graphics & professional-looking headshots

Be sure to include some professional-looking photos of YOU as these are a ‘must-have’ and even just a few good ones can go a long way.

2 | Your super-important About Me page (or is it Start Here?)

The way you speak reflects who you are – and so does the way you write.

There’s no better place to try on your emerging brand voice than your About Me page. The key is to uncover it and stick to it. For example, if you’re sassy, BE SASSY!

Also, be sure to include a recent and professional-looking photo of yourself – and bonus points if you include a short intro video on this core web page.

3 | Social media platforms – but just one!

Let’s face it (pun intended), social media is a huge asset for most health experts, so be sure to leverage it.

Post relevant stuff on at least one of these platforms often — and it’s OK to get personal too, including images of yourself in your everyday life. Hellooo IG – I’m lookin’ at you!

Krista Goncalves Co. on Instagram

Ultimately — the best social media platform for your business is the one that your prospects are hanging out on!

Here’s what Jenni Bourque of Social Wellness Co. says:

“My biggest advice would be to make sure your social media is set to solve your audience’s problems and offer them entertainment. Gone are the days where you can simply grow by posting. Your audience needs to find value in what you’re saying and you need to be able to stay engaged with them. That, of course, means being where they are and posting information they want to see.”

4 | Instagram, specifically

I encourage you to ditch ‘the perfect’ and let your followers see the recipes you botched (dropped on the floor and put it back in the pan?) or share snippets of your own health journey so your people can get to know the REAL YOU.

5 | Guest Blogging (as this one was!)

As a new health & wellness business owner, connecting with other people in your industry on a more personal level is a surefire strategy to show up and really grow your business. Just start reaching out, make genuine connections and go in for the ask.

Collaboration over competition… always!

6 | Sharing juicy, relevant content: audio (blogs, podcasts) + video (vlogs, livestreams)

Audio and video, of any sort, is quickly becoming the content of choice – both for content creators and consumers of it.

DID YOU KNOW: Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to only 10% retention when reading it. [Source:]

7 | Storytelling & Interviews: written + audio (podcasts) + video

Your brand starts with your story. Everybody’s got one, and this can be the “backstory” of your brand, but it could be more likened to the “backbone” of your business!

And it’s quite literally the most powerful tool in your marketer’s toolbox, as it can help give your brand a solid foundation and attract your ideal or dream clients because again…

You’re showing your people that you get where they’re coming from and you deeply understand what their pain points are #brandstory Click To Tweet

8 | Webinars (self- or co-hosted) = web-based seminars and/or video conferencing

Webinars can be a great way to connect with your audience, deliver high-value content and resources as well as generate leads for your services, products, or programs.

9 | Media page or “As Featured In” section of your website

Following up on guest blogging, podcasts & interviews…

Be sure to place some of your “as featured in” sites’ logos on your homepage. Then, once you’ve got a few more contributions under your belt, you can start building your own media page listing all of the amazing places and ways you’ve been featured!

10 | Workshops/Local speaking gigs as a guest or featured speaker

Getting directly in front of your target audience, up-close and in-person, can be pretty powerful – and empowering too!

(Even if your business is not necessarily rooted in your local market or it’s 100% online.)

In fact, I can honestly say that events I’ve spoken at as well as hosting workshops (lots of them!) are two of the key things that helped me grow my own nutrition consulting business. These served to help me build credibility and establish me as an authority in my niche.

It was this kind of “face time” where the in-person interaction, confidence-building and brand identification from these events really made growing my online business that much easier too!

(Picture me saying “easier” in air quotes though. LOL.)

I know that you’ll take action on some of these stand-out brand builders so you can experience more growth and progression in YOUR business… using your new superpowers of VISIBILITY!

Hmm, I see. So ya skimmed right to the bottom, eh?

That’s ok, I’m a skimmer too!
However, I wouldn’t want you to miss the juiciest bits!

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