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Is Your Wellness Business Bad For You | Krista Goncalves Co.

Is Your Wellness Business Actually Bad for Your Health? (Probably!)

Running your own wellness business can sink your sanity – and your health. Unfortunately, there’s much truth in this statement, and many online solo wellness entrepreneurs, including myself, will attest to it. Good news… there are many things you can do about it, and don’t have to sacrifice your business to do them!

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How to create and use an editorial calendar | Krista Goncalves Co.

How to Get Shit Done With An Editorial Calendar

This post is all about prioritizing, staying focused, filtering out the noise, and just getting shit done! Here’s your no-nonsense list of ideas for how to get shit done with better focus, have a continuous flow of fresh content, and how to effectively use an editorial calendar for your health & wellness business.

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Laptop Lifestyle Secrets: 9 Things No One Tells You When You Start An Online Wellness Business

Between living the #WifiLife, setting off to become a Digital Nomad, drooling over lifestyle design porn, consuming endless income reports, bloggers blogging about how to blog, creating a passive income stream from a dream board AND taking e-courses teaching you how to become a Freedompreneur…it all spells UGH. Welcome to my Laptop Lifestyle rant post…well, not really, but let’s have some fun anyway!

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How to prevent social media burnout as a wellness entrepreneur | Making Lemonade with Krista Goncalves

Are You a Social Media Burnout? Prevent it!

It’s ok to say it out loud, it’s ok to feel this way, it’s ok to NOT be ok. You’re feeling burnt out, and social media has played a big role in your current state of unravel. So, let’s get it out in the open Wellness Entrepreneur and have a good ‘ol chin wag about it!

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