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Business Writing Tips From 10 Nutrition Pros

You’re a writer, and you may not even know it! That’s because I truly believe that EVERYONE CAN WRITE.

Sure, it may not feel entirely natural to you (at first), but you’re fully capable of doing it.

Look, we’re not talking about getting listed on Amazon’s Best Seller page for that delicious new cookbook, the latest trending “how to lose belly fat” guide, or what your spin on the keto diet is.

Health & Wellness Business Writing Tips | Expert Round-up | Krista Goncalves Co.

We’re talking about writing for your health, wellness & nutrition business!

This could include the following types of business writing:

    • For your website, like blogs – your own or guest posting
    • Audio scripts – podcasting, interviews & audio posts
    • Video scripts – vlogs, interviews & video posts
    • Social posts
    • For your programs &/or courses – written, audio & video content
    • Educational resources – guides, e-books, emails that nurture
  • COPY
    • For your website, like your Services page
    • Sales pages – for your programs &/or courses, for example
    • Landing pages – like THIS one, for example
    • Ad copy – Facebook ads, for example
    • Event materials – signage, brochures/rack cards, business cards, promotional material
    • Emails that sell – these should not be the sole purpose of emailing your list (nothing will garner an unsubscribe faster!)
  • STORYTELLING – which can, and should be infused into both content and copywriting

{Here’s more on telling YOUR story!}

These Registered Dietitians Offer Up Their Top Health & Nutrition Business Writing Tips

I reached out to a group of Registered Dietitians who also just happen to be professional writers! They were so gracious in offering up some of the most amazing business writing tips. You could say they’ve seen – and written it all, in some form or another!

I’ve even broken them down into some fun categories…


Know your tribe. Stalk them. Get to know not just their demographics, but their needs, wants, problems, desires, and emotions – the psychographics.

And then get to know their voice – how they say things, and the words and tone of voice they use.

Then, incorporate all this knowledge into everything you write – and you’ll have a lifetime of content and be able to write in a way that connects and engages with them.

~ Katrina Pace NZRD, MS


For me, every research paper that I write about is a story.

Tell your reader what happened, why it happened, who was involved, and most importantly what it means for them. 

~ Jean LaMantia, RD

Wellness Business Writing Tips | Storytelling | Krista Goncalves Co
Business writing tip from Tammi Brochman, RD


Wrap up with a good call to action (CTA). As business owners, we don’t want to just entertain or inform our readers, we are looking for their next step to working with you. Give ’em a nudge!

~ Holly Larson MS, RD

Offer advice in small, actionable steps. What seems obvious to professionals may be brand new information to your readers.

~ Julie Cunningham, MPH, RDN

Wellness Business Writing Tips | Lisa Andrews | Soundbites Nutrition


Find your voice and use it. I’m a punny person by nature, so I always include a play on words (or more) when I write.

I aim to keep articles informational and fun to read. 

~ Lisa Andrews, MEd, RD, LD

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{Here’s more on finding your unique “brand voice” — and using it!}


Always match your article to the user intent.

You can find the easiest keyword with the highest search volume, but it will never rank or get clicks if it’s not matching what the reader is looking for when they search it!

Make sure to always “Google” your target keyword before writing to see what Google thinks it’s about.

~ Bri Bell, RD & SEO Expert

Good writing is SEO writing. Yes, know the keywords you are trying to target, but don’t just stuff them in every place you can without making sure they flow naturally.

~ Ashley Braun, MPH, RD

Learn about and implement good SEO principles — no point in writing if no one is reading!

~ Ana Reisdorf MS, RD

One More Business Writing Tip From Krista

No matter what you do, don’t stop creating!

(And since we ended on this topic — that’s the only sure-fire way to fail at SEO too!)

Content is truly the foundation upon which everyone must build online wellness business success AND the safest bet is to just write really good ‘n useful stuff — that your people will eat up every time because you’re totally dialed into what they need from you 😉

Content & Copy Writing Guide for Wellness Entrepreneurs

Did you find these pro business writing tips useful?

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You can feel pretty confident…