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Top 7 Ways to Be More Visible in Your Wellness Business

Getting out there and “showing up and owning it” in your online wellness business, as I’m keen on saying these days…well, it’s easier said than done. Even for me.

If you find yourself feeling shy, lacking confidence, or downright terrified of being in the spotlight or perhaps even feeling like a complete imposter – I get it, as that was certainly me not too long ago.

I also realize that building your business takes an immense amount of time, energy, and resources – giving new meaning to blood, sweat, and tears!

But, if there’s ONE thing I’ve learned in building my own business(es), it’s that unless you’re actually out there interacting, engaging and socializing with your people (= your target audience and hence, your ideal clients), then they simply won’t be open and receptive to getting to know you, and won’t readily trust you.

We're in the trust business, and the nature of trust is that it takes time to earn | Jill Coleman, JillFit

It’s honestly that simple, so ya gotta get out there and shake your groove your thang!

Here’s how to make it less painful, especially for you introvert-preneurs 😉

Not Your Mother’s Branding Game

Here’s what the most successful online business marketers know…

Customers don’t buy a product, they buy into YOU.

Your personality. 

Your experience. 

The unique juicyness that only you possess.

There was a time when “branding” meant a stuffy-looking logo and a modular catalog of products. But, in today’s online business space, the real value is being YOU, rather than appearing to be a big corporate entity.

And your personality (your “you-ness”) needs to represented and put on display in a variety of different ways.

How you write and speak, and even how you act in an audio interview or on camera wields great power in readily identifying you to your audience.

Here’s an even more important aspect of your “you-ness” though: it has the ability to attract a very specific audience –> your coveted dream client!

Whether you’ve become known for using “I don’t give-a-fuck what anyone thinks” language, and attitude OR whether you have a sweet-as-gramma’s-apple-pie demeanor – neither approach is right or wrong.

It just has to be authentically YOU.

I’m told that I write how I speak, and I take that as a compliment! Sure, I have a slightly different persona online (#lemonadelover) as I do when I’m interacting with the “real world”, but I wouldn’t say I have an alter ego.

Go with what works for you and feels truly genuine. If it feels fake to you, your people can spot that a mile away too.

The Top 7 Ways “Show Up and Own It” In Your Online Wellness Business

The top 7 ways to be more visible in your online wellness business


Your brand starts with your story. YES, you’ve got one! Everybody does. How did you get to where you are today?

This is the “backstory” and it’s the most powerful tool in your marketer’s toolbox that can help give your brand a solid foundation and attract the right audience = your ideal or dream clients.

By the way, your story doesn’t have to be dramatic, and you certainly don’t have to share more than you’re comfortable with, but it does have to be all yours. However, I do urge you to creep out of your comfort zone more than you ever thought you would.

Just be your true self (authentic!), and you’ll never have to worry about attracting the right people because they will choose for themselves, and your ideal client will find you. Click To Tweet

I tell a bit of my own story in my START HERE page – in case that didn’t smack you over the head on the homepage, as well as in my first post when I relaunched Making Lemonade. Umm, I hope you like hearing about my hormone woes!

WHERE? Find news media sources, online magazines, blogs, and web shows – pitch them your story, and how it has shaped what you do and why you were called to do it.

PRO TIP: Don’t just randomly send out cold pitches to anyone and everyone. Start following them on socials, comment on their posts, and begin to build a relationship first.

Then you could reach out with a friendly introduction via Messenger, for example, and ask if it would be OK to send them an interview pitch via email, so they know to look out for it – as many of the bigger “influencers” will have a VA handling their emails.


This is really just another way to be interviewed, and again, it all starts with your story.

Online course creation experts, Thinkific says,

“Compared to other marketing strategies, getting interviewed on podcasts is pretty easy to do. It doesn’t cost any money. It doesn’t take very much time. And anyone who is comfortable talking about their area of expertise can do it. Oh, and getting interviewed on podcasts exposes you to hundreds, sometimes even thousands of listeners – for every single podcast that you appear on. Not a bad way to get your name out there, wouldn’t you agree?”

WHERE? Simply start hitting up your fave health & wellness industry podcasters – who also just happen to have your similar (copycat) target audience in their back pocket. The above PRO TIP applies here too 😉

Be sure to check out some of my new fave podcasts:

The Business of Becoming with Lori Kennedy

The Holistic Nutrition Hub Podcast with Sean Seale

The Wellness Business Podcast with Kathleen LeGrys & Karen Pattock


Livestream…ALL. THE. TIME. On Facebook, Instagram Stories, YouTube – get after it.

Yes, it can be scary at first, even terrifying for some people, but you’ll ease into it, I promise.

Plus, it’s free to use and low-tech!

But, why so much emphasis on getting video face time in?

Video is quickly becoming the visual content of choice – both for content creators and consumers of it, and WordStream reports that 87% of online marketers use video content.

But here’s the most interesting stat:

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to only 10% when reading it. Click To Tweet

(Not a great stat for a copywriter, I must admit!)

Obviously, there’s a difference between jumping on camera and doing an often unscripted, spontaneous live video than preparing a script, staging your background and having the ability to put together a more polished evergreen video.

But, I truly think that’s the beauty of livestreaming – it’s just you connecting with your people, with none of the other fluff. Just the real, authentic YOU.

Here are some more great tips on how to get over the fear of being in the spotlight or on camera, whether it’s livestreaming or in a planned-out video segment:
How To Be The Face of Your Brand


Writing for someone else’s blog gives you an opportunity to amplify your growth in a short amount of time by exposing you to an already established audience.

HOW TO FIND GIGS? Start compiling a list of 5-15 blogs that you could realistically write for. You should write a piece of content that will not only offer value to the owner’s audience but also makes you look like you know what you’re talking about – in other words, you’re The Expert, damn it!

Once you’ve narrowed down your list, and have found the right people to guest post for (ideally with a copycat audience to yours), and you’ve established trust with them through numerous social interactions — it’s time to go all in with THE ASK.

The same rule applies as with seeking interview or podcast guest opportunities…do not just randomly cold pitch! Nobody appreciates or even responds to that. You’ll likely hear nothing but crickets chirping away at your emails.

Here’s an example of a cold email that I just received from an individual asking me (or was it telling me?) to guest blog for Making Lemonade…

“Hello, I hope you’re doing great! I’ve got few guest post topics that you may like to publish on your website, here: 1. Five Reasons Why Crash Diets are a No-No; 2. Does Detox help you shred Weight; 3. Five ways to wellness; 4. Seven Tips For Dieting On A Budget.

I am certain your audience would love reading about it. Would you like to have a look at it please? In the case you’re not satisfied with the topics mentioned above, I can write on any other topic of your choice. Sincerely, XXX”

Not only had I never had any previous contact or engagement with this person before, the email was filled with grammatical errors (pet peeve!), AND if they had actually done their research, they would know that not ONE of those topics would appeal to my target audience!

Sean Seale, co-founder of The Holistic Nutrition Hub and guest blog author on Making Lemonade says,

You need to play your best cards. Show up with an offer that your target host won’t be able to refuse. A safe bet is to have a draft ready for at least two different articles. Each draft should be relevant to your target’s niche, and be structured well enough that they can get a good idea of what your article will look like.”

The 5 Steps to Your First Guest Blogging Opportunity

Read more about this method:
The 5 Steps To Your First (or your next) Guest Blogging Opportunity

In terms of guest blogging, and in general, especially as a new business owner, connecting with other people in your industry on a more personal basis is a sure strategy to show up and really grow your business.

The other huge bonus of guest blogging is that the host site will likely offer you an author bio section with your photo, a brief write-up and a link back to your website. They *may* even allow you to promote your current freebie or lead magnet!


Start off by putting your “as featured in” or contribution site’s logos on your homepage or another prominent area of your website.

Then, once you’ve got a few contributions under your belt, you can start building a media page of all your featured work. This lends credibility to the fact that you’re an expert – because you are, so be sure that your target audience knows that too!

Here’s mine as an example


Briena Sash, photographer and founder of the Wellness Stock Shop says,

“It can be especially tricky to gain momentum on Instagram due to the fact that so much importance is put on the quality of visuals. And not just each individual photo – but also the entire structure of your feed.”

I encourage you to consider ditching the perfectly plated meal photos and the strategically placed paper clips in your flat lay with some wonderfully messy pieces of your life that show who you are, and what you – and your business are all about.

Krista Goncalves on Instagram | Branding & Visibility

Let your followers see the recipes you botched or share snippets of your own health journey so your people can get to know the real you.


We can get so focused on making our online presence picture-perfect, that we often overlook the power of some proven offline tactics that can not only land us new followers and clients, but also a boost in our bankroll!

Getting up front and in-personal with your target audience can be pretty powerful – even if your business is not necessarily rooted in your local market or is 100% online.

You do have to weigh out whether this strategy is worth your time, energy and resources dependent on what type of business you run, and what your specific niche is.

When you’re configuring HOW you’re going to land speaking opportunities, you’ll need to determine what type of places you want to be a guest speaker, and of course, this should be based on your chosen niche.

For example, if your target audience is holistic and alternative health seekers who are millennial women – then yoga studios would be a great place to start 😉

Then, research and create a list of all of the local hotspots where your target audience hangs out and craft your friendly introduction email to the company or facility owner.

Speaking gigs and hosting workshops (lots of them!) is a key thing that helped me to grow my nutrition consulting business – before I took it completely online.

But, the in-person interaction, confidence-building and brand identification from these local talks are what made growing my online business that much easier!

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