By the end of this short, but action-packed challenge, here’s what you will have accomplished:

  • A much deeper understanding of your audience
  • Your niche uncovered… finally!
  • You will have learned the 4 V’s of a Personal Brand – and what a brand is NOT
  • You’ll be well on your way to nailing down a magnetizing tagline, and brand statement or “elevator pitch”
  • You will have fully tapped into the lesser recognized elements of branding: copywriting, messaging & storytelling
  • You’ll know how (and why) to establish a strong digital presence and maintain a consistent persona
  • Your Personal Brand will be 10x juicier than when you started!!

At the core, this challenge will help you solve one of your biggest sticking points — how do you harness all of that sweet YOU-ness and capitalize on it in your business?!

That means that in just 5 days, you will have gained the clarity (that you dearly needed!) to fully squeeze out your Personal Brand and you’ll feel compelled to shout it from your lemonade stand!

Create YOUR juiced up brand now!