Top 7 Ways To Be More Visible in Your Wellness Business | Branding & Visibility

Top 7 Ways to Be More Visible in Your Wellness Business

If there’s ONE thing I’ve learned in building my own business(es), it’s that unless you’re actually out there interacting, engaging and socializing with your target audience, then they simply won’t be open and receptive to getting to know you, and won’t readily trust you. Here are 7 ways to show up, be more visible and OWN IT in your wellness business.

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18 online wellness business ideas for 2018

18 Health & Wellness Business Ideas for 2018

Here are 18 different online business ideas to juice up your health & wellness business in 2018! We start off the list with puckering up your web content and zesting up your brand and then finish with sweet talking your tribe.

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What To Do When Someone Steals or Copies Your Content

Someone stole my web content – what can I do?!

I received this question from one of my Facebook Community members via private message. The individual had already been feeling anxious about a new program she’d recently launched because enrolment had been much lower than expected. This was the first problem…

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