Well, hey there Coach, so sweet of you to drop by!

Over the years, I’ve truly come to believe that when life gives you lemons, you get busy, take no-excuse action, and DO something about it – by making the sweetest, juiciest lemonade possible! At first, I thought this motto only applied in my personal life (plenty of juicy lemons there!), but as I’ve come to realize, it worked in my business too!

Admittedly, my own wellness entrepreneurial beginnings were more than a bit difficult to navigate, and I came close to quitting all together many times – as I’m certain you can probably relate!

So, now that’s my mission with Krista Goncalves Co. (formerly Making Lemonade)…

Krista Goncalves Co & family

To help get you, the busy Health Pro, where you want to BE in your business — showing up, standing out, and positively owning it! Am I right about that?

But, without the constant struggle, anxiety, and uncertainty that many wellness entrepreneurs experience when trying to build and grow their business.

(Especially in the fast-paced, ever-changing, and not to mention, fickle online space that you’re jockeying for your position in!)

And who in the kale am I?

  • I’m the proud mother of two crazy kids and wife to a geeky (yet dashing) Clinical Pharmacist.
  • I’m a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN), and a Registered Nutritional Counselor (RNC).
  • I’m also a former fitness trainer, boot camp company owner, rescue scuba diver, and even a former marine biologist. (Oh yes, I actually thought I was going to swim with dolphins for a living! *shakes head*)
  • I’ve been building my own businesses (4 of them!) in the Health & Wellness industry for nearly 15 years… and now I’m so stoked to help you build and scale YOURS!

Hi ya, I’m Krista Goncalves, Women’s Health & Nutrition Expert turned Holistic Brand Strategist (= Juice Injector) + Copywriter (= Word Stylist) for ridiculously busy Health Experts and driven, action-taking Wellness Entrepreneurs.

Oh, and I LOVE to write about women’s health issues, but pretty much anything to do with fitness, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle – with a fun & quirky spin whenever possible. (Don’t even get me started on hormones though – haha!)

Because I’ve quite literally been where you may be right now in your own entrepreneurial journey, I can genuinely understand where you’re coming from, as well as where you’re going.

And my oh my, are YOU going places, my sweet friend! I’m here for you through it all too.

Together, let’s create more connection through story… YOUR story.

Let’s chat about your business writing + branding needs today!

In holistically healthy business,

Krista Goncalves, CHN