18 online wellness business ideas for 2018

18 Health & Wellness Business Ideas for 2018

I thought we would start this year off with a bang, so here are 18 fabulous ideas to juice up YOUR health & wellness business in 2018!!


1. Stop building your own website. Right now!

Most people are not website developers, website designers, or even tech-savvy – me included, although I’m learning!

So why, oh why, would you want to spend so much time and energy on something that you could outsource and have it done right the first time?!

(I wish I had’ve taken my own advice years ago!)

I recommend the following amazing designers, specifically for health & wellness professionals:

Alternative DIY Option:

  • Website Weekend Design – if you are inclined to learn how to DIY your website, this is THE perfect option as you will be guided by a professional web designer from The Holistic Entrepreneur Association!

2. Jazz up your web copy

Stale, boring or poorly written content can certainly work against you, so be sure to take steps to pump up your writing style and subject matter.

Main Street Creative says, “When you’re writing your content, identify topics you want to focus on for your business, then write the most useful, engaging content you possibly can.


Once you’ve drafted, read, re-read, and re-drafted the content into something you’re proud of, look at ways to optimize it. Take care to use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Proofread, edit, then do it again.”

I personally always read my post out loud before publishing it, as if I was using it as a script at a speaking engagement. This helps to catch awkward phrases and tweak things a bit further.

Here’s a guest post by Margo Carroll of Remedy Writing: “How to Have Your Wellness Website Written Already!”

3. Reconfigure your ‘About Me’ page…into a ‘Start Here’ page!

Guess what… it’s not really about you. Try using this ‘Start Here’ page copy flow – this is what I use on my own page.

Brief, friendly intro –>

[attention-getting heading] –>

Address pain points right away –>

[new section/transition] –>

Here’s how I/my business can help you –>

[new section/transition] –>

Here’s my own personal experience/how I can relate to your pain points & what you’re going through –>

[CTA: call to action] –> 

Compel the reader to TAKE ACTION

4. Repurpose your content

Stop reinventing the wheel every time you go to create new content…reuse, recycle, repurpose!

Here are some ideas using a blog post as an example:

“How to Turn One Blog Post into 20 Pieces of Content”

18 Ideas for Businesses in 2018


ZEST UP YOUR BRAND (Btw, you are your brand, whether you like it or not)

5. Rebrand – or at least a refresh

Good goji, not a rebrand?!

Umm, wait, I didn’t even know that I had a brand in the first place?!

Ok, perhaps suggesting a full rebrand is out of the question for most – but ask yourself if you feel like you’re truly “showing up and owning it” in your business…at this very moment?

Are the images, colours, logo and even the business name you’re using aligned with the core message you’re trying to “sell” to your people?

According to Stephanie Joanne, here are the key elements you need to consider when first building your brand (or when considering a rebrand):

  • Your style guide – this is your brand’s colours, logo, fonts, images (including photos of you) & other design elements
  • Your website, including your ‘About Me’ or ‘Start Here’ page
  • Pictures & photos – all visual aspects
  • Your social media as a whole, i.e. your profiles (platforms), optics (imagery), social proof and testimonials
  • Your press & media – this will come with time!

(this is all provided you know WHO and WHERE your people are, as in #9)

6. Rework your tagline

Umm, what’s a tagline?

The Balance describes it like this:

“Taglines are created and intended to leave a lasting effect during a short encounter with the recipient. When one is formed correctly, it will capture the overall benefit of what is being advertised, whether it’s a product, business, service or idea.”

A tagline offers information that can be easily remembered. In the end, it should help the audience understand the bigger picture and leave them enticed and wanting more. Click To Tweet

Grab life – and your business, by the lemons!


7. Get social, really social!

Not sure if you’re doing it right…that social thing, that is? (Or even WHY you’re supposed to be doing it for business?)

Amanda Cook of Wellpreneur explains why social media is so important to a wellness business:

“Wellness is all about community, about spreading health, about lifestyle – and social media fits into this just perfectly.

Social media is an opportunity to have a fun, informal, useful conversation with your ideal client. It’s not about pitching your products and services.

Social media is about building community and sharing useful information, tips, resources, links as well as answering questions and letting your readers get to know your business.”

SocialMediaExaminer.com goes on to say,

“For brands to be successful on social media, they need to offer value to their audience. In other words, no-one is going to pay attention to you on social media if you do nothing but advertise yourself.


Be an ongoing source of timely and relevant information in your area of expertise, regardless of whether you’re the original source.”

8. Get your Insta-game on

Instagram has become the hot, trendy place to be, and to be SEEN. I’m just figuring this one out myself!

Get your instagram game on - be cohesive

Briena Sash of The Wellness Stock Shop has some great tips for upping your IG game –>

“This Easy Exercise Will Help You Stay Cohesive On Instagram”

9. Start a Facebook Group

Kathleen LeGrys of Health Coach Solutions says,

“Since Facebook groups allow to reach people on a much more personal level than your Facebook page, having a community where people can come together can be a really powerful relationship-building tool.

Your group gives people the chance to know you and discover who you are and what you’re about which makes the transition from prospect to paying client easier.”

Here’s more about how to market & fill your Facebook Group.

Speaking of…having you joined us in the Juice Up Your Wellness Biz Group yet?

We’re waiting for you HERE.


10. Ask yourself THESE questions:

  • Do I know WHERE my people hang out?
  • What are their PAIN POINTS?
  • What do they truly WANT?

Here’s more about how to pick a niche – the article by Holistic Nutrition Hub focuses on Holistic Nutrition, but this can be applied to all health & wellness niches.

11. Create a freebie that your tribe will love and actually needs

This is called a lead magnet, freemium or an opt-in resource…just like the one at the end of this article 😉

Here’s WHY you need one, and HOW to make one (without the frustration)!

12. Livestream…right now

Even if it’s only to your best friend at first – and I promise you, it’s not as terrifying as you think!

Here are some tips on how to get instantly more comfortable putting yourself “out there” and jumping head(shot) first into the spotlight:

  • As Nike says, ‘Just do it’! The more you do it, the better you’ll feel about it. (Fake it ’til you make it, right?) Make videos or photo shoots part of your business routine. Maybe you never grow to love it, but you’ll start taking the fear out of photos!
  • Yes, that is how you sound… Nobody likes their voice on recordings, but think of it this way – everyone else hears your voice the way it sounds recorded, and they don’t seem to mind!
  • Don’t be afraid to be chatty! Pretend the camera lens is your friend, and have a conversation. Try not to be robotic or stiff. Total buzzkill.
  • Watch yourself. I know you REALLY don’t want to but watch every video you make from start to finish. Critique them, figure out what works and what doesn’t, and get comfortable seeing yourself on film.

Here are some more tips for showing up and owning it, both in front of a camera and in general.

13. Book a live talk

Amy Lippmann of Marketing for Health Coaches offers some great advice for booking talks and using them to sell.

She says the Number #1 mistake health pro’s make when seeking out speaking engagements is…

“I often see coaches giving talks on topics that are too general, and while you may be passionate about speaking on these topics, they aren’t specific enough or compelling enough to attract your ideal clients.

The other mistake I see is coaches speaking on specific topics (such as “Superfoods” or “Raw Foods”) without relating the topic to a specific pain point or desire. Most people don’t walk around thinking: I want to learn how to eat raw foods.

While you certainly may get people to attend these talks, you’re not likely to attract the types of people who will want to invest in your programs and services…your ideal client!”

14. Start a smile file

This is the best! Start compiling a little squirrel’s nest of compliments, testimonials, and “feel-goods” from your clients and associates. Now use ’em in social media and on your website!

Here’s one of my faves from one of my first coaching clients, and when I’m having a bad day, I just look over at it (on the PostIt on my desk) and feel instantly reinvigorated.

“Krista, you were a bright light in my darkest corner.

I am forever grateful that you made me see that light.”
~ Sarah H.

15. Be interviewed

In print (written, magazine), podcast or on video (livestreaming or pre-recorded).

It’s the same as seeking out speaking opportunities…get out there and make connections with people in your field. Don’t be shy and never feel that you’re not worthy of sharing your incredible knowledge and passion with others!

Here’s a few of mine to inspire you to see the possibilities on how you can become known as a credible authority in your field.

16. Outsource what you don’t love or what you don’t do well

But Krista, I don’t have the money to pay for services and other professionals. Find it.

If I had’ve known just how much of my valuable time (and money) I would ultimately waste on things like website development – I would have outsourced them right away even though they didn’t exactly “fit in the budget” at the time.

Here are the Secrets To Outsourcing Even On a Tight Budget – on the Wellness Business Podcast.

17. Focus on money-making activities

You read, you learn, you sign up for webinars, you make lists, you make more lists…all of that may seem like you’re getting somewhere in your business, but it’s really just “busy work” and not lead generating work.

You may be thinking you’re being busy working at your business, but in actuality, you’re not spending your time on the right things that are going to ultimately bring in income. I’m talking about getting qualified LEADS…which is the fundamental requirement for any business to grow.

Don't just be 'busy'. Be productive, efficient and make money while you're at it! It all comes down to TAKING ACTION and implementing all of your fabulous ideas - ones that actually move that business needle forward. Click To Tweet

That means stop fiddling with the colours and fonts on your website and engage in the activities – the MMA’s that get you the leads.

18. Diversify your business with multiple income streams

Add an additional income stream to your health, nutrition or fitness coaching business.

What I eventually added onto nutritional consulting (when I was totally fed up with spinning my wheels financially) was a signature group program (on women’s hormones), workshops (on women’s health), and paid talks – also about women’s health & hormones. Talk about niching!

Then I progressed into paid writing…and here we are 🙂

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