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Why Making Lemonade?

You may be wondering what Making Lemonade is all about?! I’ve travelled a long and winding road within the Wellness Industry and hope to share all of my experience, strategies & my juiciest business-building tips with you.

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Here's our most recent articles on various topics that offer all of the juiciest wellness business building and health coaching tips & strategies you could ever want!

You worked really hard to earn your certification, passed your courses with flying colours, and now you’re officially a Health Expert! You may even have a shiny new logo, a pretty website up and running, and a perhaps few happy…

Hey there Wellness Coach…or Lifestyle Blogger, Health Practitioner, Gym Owner, Naturopathic Doctor, or any variation of “health & wellness business owner” you may be! Question for you: are you experiencing any of the following symptoms lately? Chronic fatigue & lack…